Monday, January 11, 2010


This is out of character for me lately but I just had to say,
I have a rad family. In fact I have two rad families, who help me through anything I need, and are genuine hearted people. And a rad job. And a rad life. And I'm going to be back to shooting photos for a local paper. Starting photography and graphic design soon. Gunna go to the Philippines and get my skate on and kick it with rad people haha. Whaddya finger? My life ain't so shit after all. In fact I love it. Hi Saskatoon! I love you!

(suck it)

Sometimes you just gotta let it out. That felt so good to say.
But hey. In the end. Errbody's happy. And Happy endings are rad.

But happy beginnings are so so beautiful :)

The stars were pretty tonight.

Tonight, in my eyes, was the epitome of perfect. I'm deeply in a dreamy state of mind. Thank you lord. You've answered a few of my prayers the last few days.


And to think that I thought that how I lived and was treated was normal. My eyes are so open and full of life that I never want to close them.

Avatar is a sick movie. Think Ferngully...if it were 3D. Epic as shit.