Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fucking Hipsters.

I eat organic and local food, I have rad taste in music and clothes, I know how to save a few pennies on clothes, I care about the environment, I skate, I like reading books, having conversations over coffee, I love everybody around me, I like to party, I like art and making art. I'm a hipster you say? I see nothing wrong with that. Haha sounds like a pretty fun lifestyle to me.

Just you wait till you meet my urban chicken Keenan who's rockin chicken diapers that i've made out of old American Apparel tees while we're cruisin down Granville on my bicycle, and we're both hammered off Pabst Blue Ribbon by noon on the beach ;)

Actually my taste in music and clothing can be pretty questionable.
But who gives a shit!
People who hate hipsters?
Pah! haha! Gosh darn.