Monday, May 10, 2010


Here I am again. Back in Saskatoon and floating upon my imagination. In from one world, returning to the next. Two different worlds delivering two different lifestyles handing me two different lives melded together in one week. It feels as if I have two different personas and I feel like two separate people living within two different worlds, but I can't differentiate the two of them. I feel like I'm living in two different dimensions at the same time, and my consciousness is shifting back and forth between them, melding them together. Vancouver delivers me the lifestyle I've always dreamed of. I take it as it comes, and wander with the flow. I wake up in the heart of everything I enjoy and am highly passionate about. I have a close knit group of friends yet am meeting a vibrant variety of inspirational people. I can wander the streets and there is always something new to explore, I don't run on a set schedule, and I spend most of my day skating and indulge in a relaxed lifestyle. I can't spend as much money on material things but I make up for it with a solid group of friends and rad experiences. It triggers all my senses at all hours of the day, from sights, smells, tastes (there's a million places to eat), and sounds. I party now and then but spending an evening wandering down the streets and spending time with an awesome crew, one close friend, or even by myself, is just as satisfying.

In Saskatoon I indulge in my artistic side and am more business minded. I shoot photos, and I dress more well put together than usual. I am hyper and power through parties. I work retail and earn money selling shoes or phones. I buy nice things when I can, and eat at new and different places that I've never tried. I write articles and blogs, and my day is a continuous calendar from one minute to the next. My life is consumed by books, paintings, laptops, and socializing. I immerse myself in all things that catch my interest, such as festivals, galleries, and music. Because I want to take up every opportunity to try something new.

In Vancouver, I live one life that is relaxed and well put together. I am not rich, but I am happy with my surroundings. I am free.

In Saskatoon I live many lives, exciting, spontaneous, exhausting, and random. I have more money but less spare time.

Two both very addicting and nice ways to live, and I just can't decide which one I want. I need to meld the two: Carefree, but organized, living the dream, but working.

Either way I have two different homes, with two different families which both consume my heart. I experience two different lifestyles, and I can sense the best of both worlds. And one day hopefully I can have them both at the same time.