Thursday, March 18, 2010

Details of a thread.

Today I deemed it necessary to hang a Broadway Roastery cup in my room by a hemp string. The Roastery Cup is a symbolism of unity and is such an integral part of my life, and the first day I stepped foot in there was a life-changing, pivotal moment. I spend so many precious hours there with my closest friends, and I meet a myriad of amazing people there on a daily basis. Everybody I meet there is extremely genuine and unique.

Tomorrow I'm going on a maniacal shopping binge. I am executing my first book purchase since I've started my job, which is going to be an illustrative interpretation of Bob Dylan songs. I am then going to proceed to make my way to the spec shop to buy some Wayfarers, and putting prescription lenses in them because I am blind as a bat flying through a field in daylight. I'm going to buy some earrings and increase my guage size, because I've been rocking screws in my ears for way longer than necessary. Following that I'm going to buy the beginnings of my spring wardrobe, as well as an external hard drive to stock pile the collective photos over the last year that I'm afraid is going to be the death of my laptop if I don't transfer them soon. Yup, my day, and paycheck, is completely planned out.

Art shows at Flint move me. I'm glad I went.

So does the movie American Beauty that I was privileged enough to see for the first time today. I overlooked the cover of the movie and never took the time to watch it, teaching me one the most repeated lessons in life, never judge a DVD by its cover. That movie reflects my thoughts on life to a T at many points.

Anyways time is ticking, and I'm lacking sleep, 9 hours of sleep in 72 hours to be exact, and I want to be awake as much as I possibly can to get work done before I succumb to fatigue. Adieu.