Monday, May 3, 2010


I rolled through the prairies. I flew through the mountains. Lost half a pack of smokes. Asked for directions. Left my duffel bag in the taxi. Drank whiskey and ate BBQ'd ribs and watched hockey and high fived. Got my duffel bag back. Met up with old friends. The dudes I asked directions from earlier happened to be friends with my friends. Drank beer and shared stories. Smuggled glasses of beer out and strolled downtown. Walked into Wendys and ordered enough fast food to last me into today. Woke up and drank starbucks in Yaletown. Bought a new hat. Bought a new board. Met more awesome people to skate with and chill with. It started raining. Took the bus. Then the skytrain. To comercial-broadway, and met up with a homie to play pool. Didn't get my ass TOO badly whooped. Played doubles with a bunch of Australians. We thought they were British. Ate fish and chips. Walked in the rain. Went to buy beer. Store was closed. It was Sunday. Walked in more rain. Bought beer. Watched family guy. drank. watched house. Drank. It was a good day.