Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I miss you, I'm goin back home to the west coast.

Sometimes a fragment of unexpected news can brighten up your day, or even week, even if it seems temporarily and vaguely significant. The fact that it reaches your ears is musical enough. I smiled from ear to ear and wanted to hug myself, a little bit.

I decided randomly the other day that if I don't find a significant other by 30, I am adopting. Even if I am single, I refuse to lack my own family. Sort of a depressing thought for me to be thinking at this age, but a large sum of women in my family have a curse of being single for the remainder of their lifetimes and if I have that curse, well I'd like to experience raising kids at the very least.

I got a new job! HELLO!

Oh and you are so beautiful and awesome, I stumble over my very own words when I see you. It's quite embarassing. I used to be confident at one point but you make me so shy I practically stutter when I talk to you. Hopeless, oh so hopeless.

I have also concluded that I want to spend a day doing volunteer work at the Friendship Inn this weekend. After working at footlocker, I've developed a love for "inner city" kids. Or I could possibly do a big sister program? I just want to look after some kids and be there for them. Children are so rad and amazing. They never fail to generate a smile off my face, and I'd like to do the same for them.