Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So I am making my premiere attempt at reviewing an album. I am in my bedroom, strobe light raging, 6 hoots deep, and it is 2:42 AM. Pits in the Sanblaster is playing its first song and it's delivering a proper vibe of which I was looking for tonight. Late night, chill, hiphop rhythm with soothing mysterious vocal. It's different, but I'm loving every second that passes. This is the CD that you want to sit and zone out to, or do some serious thinking to. It is the perfect background music to staring at a wall, and being completely intrigued by it. By this I mean, it makes simple seem magnificent. It's very hypnotic.

The second song finishes with the perfect amount of guitar that makes the nerves unravel.

The third, is eery and makes me want to sleep, and have weird dreams. The kind that leave you restless the next day.

The fourth, starts with guitar and sounds interesting until they start singing, and then the combination sounds generic. At first it's minimally if not very intriguing or interesting to me, but it picks up slightly enough to spark interest - but then quickly gets boring again.

The fifth song makes me wants to sleep even though at this point I am completely wired awake. So boring that I am going to skip to the next song. Although I like the random strange sounds that spurt in irregular places.

The sixth starts off sounding like I am listening to myself walk, or maybe even stand in the snow. And then listen to myself pick at bagged chips, or unwrap a granola bar, while they maintain the eery singing. The combination of eery singing and crinkling bags creeps me out a little.

The seventh is a sudden pick up. It starts off sounding like 80's meets indie. And then the weird singing starts again. At first I enjoyed their voices but the more I listen to them the more I get creeped out. But I enjoy the subtle disco beat that kicks in later on in the background. It's unnaturally catchy. Right when you are about to click onto the next song it grabs you by a string and keeps you wanting to hear the rest. Oh I know why I enjoy this so much more, they guys aren't singing at the moment. Just straight catchy beat. Whenever they stop singing it magnetizes me.

The eighth song proves their voices not to be 100% irritating and slightly more enjoyable. But still, I am not fully satisfied. I'm mainly enjoying the instrumental aspect of the song. The guitar catches you off guard and comes at amazing moments. It's near magical even, when it does.

The ninth song is slow but something about it catches my attention. I am enjoying the lyrics. This would be a song I'd go back to if the right emotion overcame me. Definately. I can't tell if my facebook is "POPPING" from a message or if it is part of the song...

The tenth song started off good. I love it. This is the song of this album and they saved best for last. It has a Canadian roadtrip in the summer vibe. In fact, I think this song is amazing.

Overall Review: After listening to the album a few times I concluded that it is mediocre. BUT, the last song is an absolute gem, and I cannot stop listening to it.

Most recommended song: Chamomile