Monday, April 12, 2010

Step lightly.

I'll throw down red warning flags before you even THINK the words pootie tang. My sense of trust is a landmine.

Dreams, dreams, dreams.

I just want someone to hold. Someone I can skate with, shoot photos with, read with, drink coffee with, travel with, listen to old records with. Someone to hold my hand, and kiss me goodnight.

But I will be single for the rest of my life if it means never getting hurt again. I'm sick of getting hurt.

Where are you, whoever you are, that I'm supposed to fall in love with? I need you. I want to settle down from this crazy life of mine. And chill with you on a rainy day, and enjoy the simplicities of life.

I want to cook you epic meals and eat it outside, and listen to jams.
I want to wake up to you and hug you, and have showers in the morning.
Go to work, and come home to a smile, and go out for a drink.
Plan voyages together and shoot happy photos.
Spend a whole day at the book store and laugh at funny stories.
Skate down the street and touch hands and push eachother to land things.
Play video games and whoop eachothers asses.
Fall asleep, side by side, with books in our hands, or with an awesome movie on the television that we're too exhausted to finish watching because we'd had such an awesome day.

But right now you don't exist. And I'm quite upset, and lonely.