Friday, February 12, 2010

Once you learn to love life, good things start to happen.

So I was strolling out of American Apparel today during my lunch break, and there was this old lady asking for spare change. I see her all the time, and I usually tend to ignore her because I never carry much change on me, and I feel bad every time I fumble for an excuse as to why I have no change for her. But today I thought I'd shell out some change, because I'd just happened to have some on me, and I couldn't recall if i'd ever given her change before. After I placed the 35 cents in her hand, I asked her if she had a lighter that I could borrow. I talked to her for a few minutes, asked her if she found it cold out, and if she'd been there for awhile. After our brief conversation, I told her "Thank you so much for letting me use your lighter. Have a good day!" and walked off. As I was walking she said "You too! Thank you for the change!" And honestly, she sounded so happy. And the fact that I was able to make somebody that happy was an amazing feeling. It's awesome how people brighten up when you take the time to talk to them. Even the most miserable looking of folks are amazing people if you open up to them and give them a chance. So I think I will carry a little spare change every day for her, because my heart has developed a soft spot for her and she's a nice lady. Anyways moral of my story? You're smart people. Figure one out. Because there is no moral to my story. Just common sense. Love everybody.