Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What is this monster, what is this beast? She burns inside with teeth bared, dripping red with vengeance. She wants to eat me whole. She has my heart, and she wants my mind. Like a puppet on a string, I fight to control my own movements, but she lulls me back. 'You cannot see the world through thine own eyes' she says. 'they are mine.' She pulls on my heart, claws, until I cannot lift myself out of bed and the instant I smile, she slashes at the lining of my gut. She pokes and pesters my heart until it beats steadily out of control, trying to run away from her. She yells "boo!" at my brain, until it races and attempts to climb out of it's own shell. She rarely lets me rest, a trick always up her sleeve. I am a lowly jack and she a nasty queen, all entwined into one body, to forever struggle, and appear to the world, a confused, frustrated human being.