Monday, February 8, 2010

I'll be damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Translucent clouds drifting over mountains of toblerones.
Put it on cruise control, but keep the speed up.
The sky's blue, clouds are purple. Sun is grey.
Grass is pink. A smile is a hidden frown.
A frown is a yearning for a smile.
Efforts are dim, but boy are they worthy.
Keep on running, don't trip on the rocks.
Disarono. On the rocks!
Don't stick your toes. Out of the holes in your socks.
They might get cold.
And shiver a lot.
Quiver, quiver quiver. Tigers will get slivers.
And mice are mighty. Mighty like men.
Hippos do the mamba. Salsa with the nachoes.
Shimmy with the lazers. Jump through them black holes.
Ride around the rings of saturn, surf through the stars.
Drink away the milky way, till there's nothing left but chocolate at the bottom of your cup.
Whip the cream. Cream the whip.
A sailor will sail by you, and curse with his lip.
Run Lola run, that mother's gonna get you.
My mind is racing, mind you.
These are the thoughts that race through my head,
and collapse before me right before bed.

-Statticus Steez


You may not always be able to choose your path, but you can choose how you walk it.

For every negative thought and action, there is always a more positive alternative. Always choose the positive path and reap the benefits of an amazing life full of people who love you. That is all.