Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You think you know me sir.

You bring out the monster in me. You know who that monster is? It's you. Reincarnated in me.

You know nothing about me. Or my "little world." Nor do you legitimately try to really understand anything about me or my life. You don't even see the tip of the ice berg. All you see is a mirage created by your own eyes. Every glance you take at me, every sound wave of my words that travel to your ears, I can tell is registering through your brain like a computer, analyzing everything. I am not a computer virus. I am not the weather. I am your daughter.

When can you throw me out in the streets you say?
Isn't that what you used to do to old computers, and old weather equipment when you get sick of them, and they don't suite your lifestyle anymore? Right. You throw them out on the streets. I am well more than sure that if mom wasn't around that would be the first thing you would do. Which is why I have such a deep rooted anger towards you. This is why you bring out my inner monster. Because I know the only love you have for me is because my mother loves me, because you are expected by society to love me, because she would hate you if you threw me away. But you, yourself, her aside, could really give two damns about me. Don't worry. I'll be well out of your life soon.