Monday, November 15, 2010

Respect, understanding, empathy: Give all that you have and demand nothing less in return.

I remembered that life is what you make it. I'm going to work my ass off in school and I'm going to love every minute of it. I came here to pursue my dreams and I'm not giving up. For anything in the world. My whole life all I've done is throw away my dreams. This time I'm going to cherish them. I've never told anyone to give up on a dream, I always tell them to keep working towards it and for once I need to take my own advice. I deserve this.

Never expect to gain what you don't put out in the world.
I'm going to put out a whole lot of love and smiles :)

and watch my world fall back together.
Because that is simply what it takes.
Strength of mind, love and compassion.

As long as you want it with your whole heart, it can happen and be real.

My heart is all in. In everything that I love and do.

Sadness, you will never own my heart. My mind is too strong.


I need to find the strength to smile and be positive again.
At one point I was always positive and always smiling.
And nothing stopped me from being positive no matter how bad it was.
I need this strength back. Or I'm only going to continue withering.