Sunday, November 21, 2010

I wish I could hold your hand.

You may be miles away, but I always feel like you're right beside me. One day, every day will be sunny.

Every action is a catalyst for something.

Every action you make is like planting a seed. From every action we make, something will grow. If you plant a watermelon seed, you'll grow a watermelon. If you plant a dandelion seed, you'll get a dandelion. Sometimes you intend to grow a daisy, but when the plant grows it's a thorny bush, because you planted the wrong seed. These are mistakes. Sometimes you grow weeds. These are vices. Sometimes we plant roses, love. Ultimately we plant our own seeds, so always look at the seed in your hand, before you plant it. If you don't want a weed, then don't plant one. If you want lots of daisies, then plant a lot of them. And water them.

Nobody hides from time.

I've come to appreciate everything I have so much more. But I can't hold back these lumps in my throat. I constantly feel like I want to cry. It's not fair. Why did this have to happen. Why now.

My life changes so much from here. I have no choice but to grow up.