Thursday, October 7, 2010

They say it's magical.

I miss Montreal. I miss living at the Maison Du Pret D'honneur, taking the elevator down to the first floor, out through the Couche Tard and buying a beer on the way out. I would spend the morning at Peace Park, skating all morning, and work my way past the graffiti of St.Catherine's towards Berri Square where I would skate some more. I miss culture. In Montreal there's something new to discover every day. The people smile and have a youthful sense of humour. Everybody greets you with two kisses on the cheek and even the crackheads are jolly. I could buy an all dressed hot dog, overloaded with toppings, in a greasy cardboard carton stacked with fries and a pop for 3$. There is so much opportunity for creativity around every corner, and I wish I could go back with my camera and capture everything. I've been to places around the world, but Montreal always stays at the top of my heart.


Art Error.

Once a mistake. Two times a lesson. Three times a master.
Faster is slower, slower is faster.

Time is money. So take your time.