Monday, March 14, 2011


Life is beginning to feel mundane again and it's time to make a new list of goals. I accomplished most from my last list so I'm assuming it helps.

-Time management
- Less facebook
-More raw veggie diet
-Income tax
-Pack for winnipeg
- Exercise yet more
- Get filming
- Look into photo jobs
- Get better paying job for the summer
- Apply for photog at the Sheaf? backup plan? Although I really want to get out of the city this year
-Pwn school for the next month
- Pwn lots during the week, play on weekends....skate skate skate, shoot shoot shoot, drank drank drank, volunteer?

This is good enough for now. I'll make a new list when I'm in WPG and have a diff viewpoint on things.

Sorry if the blog is boring folks but I'm in not giving a fuck mode. Gotta get my shit together.

I can't wait.

Until you know how it feels to be treated the way you treat me. One day you'll need me and you'll wish you never treated me this way. Because I'll remember your cold stare and voice forever. Your stupid ego will do you in.

Drivin Life.

You would never drive your car to the grocery store looking behind you the whole way. You would most likely crash.