Monday, June 14, 2010


My mind has been a transparent slate lately. It does not think up, nor down, nor happy, nor sad. It just stares blankly upon the scenery ahead, noticing the clouds, and the setting sun, but looking beyond them, as if they were dim see-through shapes lying across a deep black backdrop. My emotions exist, but they do not move me. As if a hidden force raises my hands for me, does my work for me, pushes my legs forward as they glide across the ground on what at some point in time was a tree stump that supported life, and turned the wastes from our nostrils into air that we can breath again. Where did the seconds go? Five minutes ago it was an hour ago. An hour ago it was a week ago. And a week ago it was 5 months ago. Now I stand here, like a minute hand, going around in circles in the same spot, but time is somehow passing me by. Somehow nothing has changed. Some how I am a lonely minute hand trying to keep up with the second hand. I catch up with it for a second, and then it's gone. By the time I move forward a step, it has already been around the world and has returned to touch my hand, and before I can say hello, it leaves for another trip around the moon. Hello second hand, goodbye second hand. See you in a minute. I'll still be here, waiting.