Saturday, January 9, 2010

The day is brighter when accompanied by smiles.

Today a stranger came up to me at the roastery, and thanked me for smiling. He then proceeded to hand me a note, which said "I can only hope you have good people in your life. I just want to say thanks for everything your smile makes me smile."

Yes it could be strange to some people. But to me it just made me smile. I think people are wonderful. And I think making people smile is the most amazing gift you can give to anyone, whether you know them or not. If we all did that every day the world would be so much brighter. It made my day brighter.

But I am just that lucky. Because I am surrounded by people who make me smile. I met someone wonderful. They made me smile ear to ear today right before that :) Today is just a really beautiful day.

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