Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day of personal accomplishments.

The student councillor at the university suggested today that I pursue a degree in studio arts. It includes classes such as english, drama, painting, a science such as physics or geology, art history, photography all summer. All sounds right up my alley for a pretty epic year.

I also discovered that there is a natural foods section in Superstore- "Ah. Ahhhhh. AHHHHHHH!!!!!"- I can do all my grocery shopping in one section now instead of cherry picking organic labeled products out of every aisle. Go superstore. Thanks for getting with the game.

I am dying my hair tonight. Spontaneous decision. Goin dark as usual.

SBC photo annual = Night at the roastery ogling my dreams = Win.

And now i'm currently cooking up a concoction of Romagna four-cheese tortellini with organic tomato and mushroom sauce and veggie ground round. I have absolutely no idea what to expect but it sounded like a good idea. (After eating it I conclude that it was an awesome idea.)

Copped a sick flannel at Value Village as well as a rad little present of gratitude for mom, a little "VIVI MEXICO" ornament.

Uploaded yet another photo album.

I bought my Wayfarer glasses today. 10 days and they reside on my face. With transition lenses. Not to mention I received a pretty epic deal on them and a pair of 'Mike Burns' glasses.

Played my first game of skate in a few weeks. I am anticipating the day I become less rusty, nevertheless it felt ruthlessly amazing.

I love grocery shopping. I really can't wait to move out on my own again. This time, my own place.

In conclusion, the day I took off work was the best day this week so far.

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