Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day two in the sun.

Woke up. Went to Starbucks on Seymour. Which one? You tell me. There's 3 more on the way there. Went to plaza. Skated a fresh board. Did ledge stuff. Hopped on the train. Went to Supra. Met more dope cats. Hopped on the train. Ate Red Burrito. Debit machine wasn't working. Made me pay cash. Change for the train. Why not? Got more Starbucks. Went to Newspot. Tried to skate benches. Shot photos at waterfront. Went into the convention center. Got confronted by security guards. Ignored security guards. Went downstairs. Spot was fenced off. Birds were eating other birds behind the fence. Went back into the Convention center. Sorry guys. Hopped in the car. Came back. Watched hockey. Drank beer. I'm not in a hockey mood today, but go Canucks! Hopped on the train. Walked. Watched an oldschool Freddy Kroeger movie with homie. Went to Superstore. Bought pizza and jalapeno poppers. Came back to the crib and ate pizza and jalapeno poppers. Watched another movie. Nodded off. Time to go home. Walk to train. Goodbye hugs. Oh shit. Left my camera at homies. Got off train. Oh shit. I walked the wrong way. Hello crackheads. Hello hookers. Where am I? Oh there's home. Goodnight!

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