Monday, March 21, 2011


I don't make a lot of money, but I love everything I do.
If i'm not doing what I love, I'm spending time with you.
My sapphires are the sky, my rubies are your heart.
The only time that I feel poor, is when we're far apart.
A book is full of words, words are full of thought.
I close my eyes to sleep and I've found everything I've sought.
Your love's more pure, than any given carat.
A kiss is far more greater than the money I'll inherit.

I want no fancy car, I want no fancy house.
I can lose those all as easy, as this dirt stain on my blouse.
Screw Vuitton, screw Chanel and even screw Dior.
Every pretty thing I need to see, is lying out my door.
Gold reflects the wicked, it's as precious as my ass.
My heart is in my soul, yours is in your trash.
Have your money, here, you can even have the world.
It'll only be forgotten once all chaos has unfurled.


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